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Nonton Film Lk21 Matt & Mou (2019) Full Movie

Genre: Drama, Romance
Tahun: Durasi: null MenitDilihat: 36.068 Ditonton

Matt & Mou, have been friends since childhood. Their nature is in contradiction. Matt is very protective of Mou, even in choosing her boyfriend. Mou has admirers: Reza. The two become close. When introduced, Matt shows his dislike to Reza which he said is ‘too good to be true’. This time Mou feels his love for Reza is serious. She wants Matt to approve it. Therefore, Mou pairs Matt with Retha, Reza’s cousin. There is a quadrilateral love story. However, Reza suddenly disappears. Mou suspects that Matt is hiding something.

Pemain: , , ,
Bahasa: Bahasa indonesia

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